Change Log

Last Updated : 15th August, 2021

UPDATES: 13th August 2021

New Features

1. New Payment Gateway [Billplz] added for Malaysia.
2. New Payment Gateway [Payu Money] added for India.
3. New Triggers added for Live Chat Started, Ended, Busy and Unavailable.
4. New Trigger added for Order Confirmed (cash)


1. {API} Added search feature to the GET /api/Products and GET /api/GetProductCategories
2. {Translation} Thai translation updated.
3. {WA Custom API} Added support for sending documents, images, videos and mp3
4. Paynow and Cartitems view on mobile is updated, now you can see complete item details in single screen without horizontal scroll.
5. Thank you for your order page now shows complete order details post payment/cash order confirmation.
6. [Input Type | Whatsapp Reply Buttons] Added max 20 Characters validation for button title.

Bug Fixes

1. [Broadcast Template Message] Not able to send Image/Document/Video Templates through botbaba.
2. [Apply for New Template] Does not show the new templates that are in the “applied” state.

UPDATES: 5th August 2021

New Features

1. New Payment Gateway for Thailand users – GB Prime!
2. [New API] GET Template Message API for 360dialog
3. [Bot Builder Page] Clear All Connectors option added in the Actions menu of the page. It will clear all the block connections.
4. [ECom Custom Charges] Add Custom Charges to the TotalAmount. It gives you the freedom to add packing charges, convenience charges, payment gateway fees, etc to the total amount.
5. [WhatsApp Template Messages 360dialog] Send template message containing images, documents and videos now.


1. [ECom Order Report] Added a new column in excel export, “Chat Status” (Complete | Incomplete)
2. Paynow and CartItems Pages have a fresh UI now.
3. [WhatsApp Broadcast Report] Showing ‘Read’ notifications as well for 360dialog.
4. [EComOrderReport2] Filter wasn’t being applied on excel exports.
5. [Live chat on WhatsApp] Users can select department using List menu now.
6. [WhatsApp 360dialog] Added buttons to Restart Chat and End Chat when user sends incorrect input.
7. [WhatsApp All channels] The very first message of the user that triggers the bot will be stored in the global variable #UserInit#.

Bug Fixes

1. [PayNow page] Buyers were able to go back and confirm the Cash orders again and again. Its fixed now.
2. [Input Type Auto page Redirection] When using WhatsApp channel, it was triggering thrice.
3. [Live Chat on WhatsApp] All chats were going to same department on some bots.

UPDATES: 15th July 2021

New Features
1. ECom Coupons module.
2. Enable Cash payment option added to the Pay Now page. Enable the “Allow Cash Payment” option from ECom Settings.
Note: Legacy mode of Cash Payment via the block name EComCOD will still work.
3. Option to add coupon code on the pay now page.

1. Bot Pages Navigation Improved. Now it has sub-menu for eCom and Live Chat to keep the main list short.
(The list of pages is increasing crazily that we ran out of vertical space in that menu)

Bug Fixes

UPDATES: 7th July 2021

 Imp.   Button text made mandatory in Input Type WhatsApp List Menu.             

 Imp.   Removed “Conversation Ended” from Auto Page-Redirection.
 Imp.   Bot Builder Canvas height is 100% when viewing full screen.

 Feat.   Woocommerce Integration (Beta) Released                             

  • Added Triggers (let us know if you need more triggers)
  • Import your products from Woocommerce to botbaba

 Feat.   Set Static variable” added to Edit Block. You can now set the values to your variables manually when a user replies to a block. We are calling it “Static Variable”

 Feat.   Variables can be pushed to Google Sheets now.
 Feat.   New API to set order payment status added.

 Fix.   Sub-total error in Global Variable #EcomReceipt#
 Fix.   Selected block wasn’t triggering while Sending WhatsApp messages from WAAPI.
 Fix.   Copy Widget Script button wasn’t working on bot settings page.

 Fix.   360dialog Template is in submitted state but showing as rejected on botbaba.
 Fix.   Security fixes

UPDATES: 23rd June 2021

 Feat.   WhatsApp List Menu added as an input type.
 Feat.   WhatsApp Reply buttons added as an input type.

Note:  Both these input types will work across all channels (WhatsApp and Web). The perfect output will be visible in your 360Dialog based WhatsApp Bot. Rest of the 2 WhatsApp channels will display the old button type layout.

 Fix.   Product and Category Display order wasn’t being changed by dragging and dropping.

UPDATES: 11th june 2021

 Imp.   [LiveChatReport] Added Telegram Group name and department to the right sidebar so you know which agent was serving the customer.
 Imp.   [LiveChatDept] Now you can clear the department’s Live Chat queue from the LiveChatDept page.
 Imp.   Global Variable #greeting# will now display “Good Morning”, “Good Evening” or “Good Afternoon” based on your profile timezone.

 Imp.   [BotAnalysis] Full screen option added to the page.
 Imp.   [EComOrderReport2] Re-added “affiliate” column to the page
 Imp.   [EComOrderReport2] Now you can open the CartItems page by clicking the Order ID.

 Imp.   [CartItems] Print Option added to the page.

 Feat.  Basic Inventory management is now live. Here is what it will do:
1. Deduct stock on every order (both online and COD)
2. You have the option to turn it on/off on every product.
3. You can find the inventory field on EComProducts page.
4. Bulk update the inventory via excel import
5. It will lock the product quantity for 10 mins when user clicks the PayNow button on payment page.
6. Use “EComCOD” as the order confirmation block name to confirm a COD order and deduct the quantity from inventory.
7. Out of stock products will still be displayed in the store but “Add” button will be disabled.

Note: Its still in beta, we have tested extensively before releasing but there are chances we may have missed some scenarios which can arise in a high traffic environment. We are deploying it live so we could use it carefully in the client bots that we manage, you are welcome to test the same.
Purpose of building this feature was to support sellers who have a product in lets say 10 qty and selling 15 lands them in trouble.

 Fix.   [BotBuilder] Minor bug fixed related to displaying selected product categories.
 Fix.   [TelegramGroupDetail] “Notification message” field was not getting updated on edit.
 Fix.   [Bot Preview] EComReceipt was not displaying when previewing from bot preview.

UPDATES: 3rd june 2021

 Imp.   When selecting Location Input type, the Default Map Marker will now point to your country which you set from EComSettings.
 Imp.   WAName and EComName will be used to populate user’s name on Live Chat Report.
 Imp.   Timestamp for every message added on Live Chat Report.

 Imp.   Full Screen option added on Live Chat Report page.
 Imp.   If address form is left blank, the address form variable will contain “Blank Form Submitted” value which you can use in Conditional to validate.
 Imp.   Now you can see the very first message of the user on WhatsApp bot which triggers the bot. It will be shown in Response reports as UserInit.

 Imp.   api/GetOrderHistory will now display orders of your sub-accounts bots if you use the auth token from your main agency account.
 Imp.   You can now use JSON Array objects as a variable in your bot flow using jsonpath. We call them “Response variables” since they are fetched from API Response.

 Feat.   Live Chat Report Added, you can see the Conversation happening between all your telegram groups and the users
 Feat.   Bot Analysis Page added to the Bot Pages section. Now you can see the performance of your chatbots and where are the users dropping off.
 Feat.   Change log page added to botbaba website footer.
 Feat.   All your WhatsApp broadcast campaigns will be saved and you will get delivery reports and Read reports on the same. Read Annexure 1 for more detail.
 Feat.   New API POST /api/EditBotActiveStatus; you can active/deactive your bots using this API. It will work for agency accounts to active/deactive the bots in their sub-accounts.

 Fix.   All the links on Live Chat Report page gave Error 500
 Fix.   Bot doesn’t move forward if address form is left blank.
 Fix.   Fixed bug on Apply for New Template page (botbaba BSP).

 Fix.   Template preview was blank on botbaba BSP.
 Fix.   WAAPI QR Code generation showing Instance Id Wrong.

Annexure 1

1. You need to enable Read and Delivery receipts from Gupshup dashboard.
2. You will get 3 statuses – Sent/Read/Delivered
3. Both Template and Session broadcasts are possible

botbaba BSP
1. You will get 2 Status – Sent/Delivered
2. Both Template and Session broadcasts are possible

1. You will get only 1 status – Sent
Caution – Use this responsibly else your number may get banned.

UPDATES22nD may 2021

 Imp.   Added Chat Status column in the order report.
 Imp.   Disposable email sign ups are blocked now. Yopmail, etc sign ups won’t work anymore.
 Imp.   Introduced Tours for onboarding recently and going to add more such tours to carry out certain tasks.

 Feat.  Live Chat comes to our Web Bots!!!!

 Fix.    All the links on Live Chat Report page gave Error 500
 Fix.   Bot doesn’t move forward if address form is left blank.
 Fix.  While sending Template message from botbaba BSP, replying to the template doesn’t take the user to the selected block. It goes to default flow.

Updates: 23rd APRIL 2021

 Imp.   #EComOrderJson# now has shipping details as well. Shipping details will be populated in the json once you enter them from the dashboard.
 Imp.   Bot Preview in bot settings upgraded as per our current web bot UI. It was still showing our old UI since many months.
 Imp.   Revamped the order report which makes more sense and with more filters.

 Feat.   Live chat/human handover for WhatsApp via Telegram.
 Feat.   Added 5 New Global Variables #WAName#, #WANum#, #CourierName#, #TrackingNumber#, #ShippingRemarks#. You can use the shipping variables in triggers and actions. They will be needed when you send shipment details to the buyer on WhatsApp,SMS or email. They will only be available on the Fulfilment triggers.
 Feat.   New API to upload excel sheets for Products, categories and variations. This means you can create your own mechanism for product upload


 Imp.   Translated “Type” in WhatsApp bot to all the languages.

 Imp.    Translated EComReceipt – all languages.

 Feat.   Added a setting in EComSettings to enable/disable payment confirmation mail to the customer.
 Feat.   Added Google Tag Manager Support in Bot Settings.
 Feat.   {NEW WhatsApp BSP} Set WhatsApp Profile Settings. Set your WhatsApp Business Account info directly from botbaba dashboard.
 Feat.   {NEW WhatsApp BSP} Apply for New Template messages directly from botbaba dashboard.
 Feat.   {NEW WhatsApp BSP} Broadcast Template messages directly from botbaba dashboard.
 Feat.   {NEW WhatsApp BSP} Broadcast Session messages directly from botbaba dashboard.
 Feat.   {NEW WhatsApp BSP} New Action added in triggers and actions to send messages on various triggers.
 Feat.   Now you can add order fulfilment details from the Order Report.
 Feat.   New API to update Fulfilment details.
 Feat.   New Triggers Added – Order Fulfilled & Order Partially Fulfilled. Now send WhatsApp messages to customers as soon as their
item is shipped.
 Feat.   Keyword Spotting for WhatsApp Added. When a new person initiates a conversation with a specific keyword, you can send them
to a pre-defined flow (block). Only works when initiating a new conversation.

 Fix.   Time Zone was not populating when editing User Profile.
 Fix.   Special Characters (Accent letters from Italian, Portuguese) were not appearing correctly in Product Variations
 Fix.   Special Characters (Accent letters from Italian, Portuguese) were not appearing correctly on SMS Campaigns page
 Fix.   {{API Response Variables}} were not populating when the json response was too long.