Drag & Drop Builder

Best in the business. Building Chatbot flows is now as easy as drawing a flow chart.

100+ Languages Supported

A bot that can converse with users in multiple languages, can be a tremendous asset to any organization.

18+ Input types to choose from

You can accept input from the users in more than 20 different ways, which include Checkboxes and Radio buttons as well.

Conditional Logic

Decide the flow of the conversation based on the user's input.

API Integrations

A 2 way communication between your API and the bot is possible, just like a mobile app.


Question-Answer based bot flows can be too slow for collecting many details. We have an option to display traditional forms to your users.

eCommerce Features

Get your online store ready in a couple of hours with your Payment Gateway. Our bots can serve inventories as big as Walmart's!

SMS Campaigns

Upload your data and launch SMS Campaigns using your own SMS API, track link clicks and do much more by adding a bot link to your SMS.


Auto launch your SMS Campaigns, API calls and Emails based on your preset schedule.

Payment Gateway Integration

Easily integrate the bot with your payment gateway, we support Stripe & Paypal among others.

Custom Domain

You can easily use your own domain for hosting your bot.

Typing Emulation

Make it look like a real human conversation by adding typing emulation in your chats.

Self Notification

Get notified on new chats or completed chats by SMS, Email or Telegram.

Auto Page Redirection

You can redirect the users to your website/WhatsApp/Telegram/Phone anywhere in the flow.

File Upload

Accept any type of file from the user. We will soon add AI Vision to read the content of uploaded files.

Dynamic Variables

You can store the user response in a variable and recall it later in the chat.

Persistent menu

You can add a menu to the bot, it helps users to jump to the relevant section without wasting any time.

Tracking & Analytics Integrations

You can add Google Analytics, FB Pixel and Full Story code snippets to the bot to analyze and retarget your users.