Do you know how many leads you are losing without a chatbot on your website?

9 out 10 websites fail to capture 70% of their total incoming traffic

A website without a chatbot is like a shop without salesman

Best Chatbot For Your Website

Why do you have a website?
To get business

Why do you have a sales team?
To get business

Why you should have a Chatbot?
To get more business

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How it works?

Create a conversation flow

Sign up and create the bot flow from scratch using our chatbot builder or use a pre-built template.

Deploy bot snippet on website

The second step is to connect the bot to your website. Just copy the script from your bot settings and paste anywhere in your website code.

Trigger Notification

You can setup the bot widget to notify the visitor after a certain time delay to catch their attention and engage.

Don't have time to build a chatbot?
Use a Template!

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