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Why use WhatsApp?

2 billion+

Active WhatsApp Users

65+ Billion

Messages Sent Daily


Average Daily Session Per User Per Day


Instant Message Open Rate


Top Downloaded Messaging App in the World


Businesses already using WhatsApp

Improved Facebook Ads ROI

Send Facebook Ads traffic directly to your WhatsApp Chatbot. More people convert on WhatsApp Conversations than on landing pages. Conversations are instant, dynamic and they feel more authentic than an average landing page.

Pre-Qualify your Leads

You already have the contact number of the lead as soon as they send a message to the WhatsApp Chatbot, after that its all about checking whether the lead is a good fit or not.

Close More Deals

Your sales team spends less time prospecting and more time closing deals because the WhatsApp Chatbot has pre-qualified the leads already as per your criteria.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Engage with your customers more often on WhatsApp, wish them Birthdays, send them important updates. It shifts your brand image with your customers.

Better Customer Satisfaction

The ease of getting in touch with your brand is the highest when you are available 24x7 on WhatsApp. Customers like instant issue resolution without having to go to a website or a forever taking toll-free phone call.

How it works?

Request a quote

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Apply for the Official WhatsApp Business API

You can go through our videos/documentation for the same and apply yourself.

Build your Chatbot

Build your chatbot from our bot builder platform. No coding knowledge required.


Easily set up WhatsApp bot integrations to send, retrieve and check data against existing databases or set up notifications.


Any more doubts about the WhatsApp bot?

Does botbaba help with the WhatsApp Business API application process?

Yes, once you sign up for the botbaba WhatsApp Solution, our team will ask you to submit the required information and begin the application process on your behalf. The entire process usually takes 2 weeks.

Can I start designing my bot before my WhatsApp API access is approved?

Yes, you can design your bot flow before your WhatsApp API access is approved. But you won't be able to test on WhatsApp until you have the approval.

Do I have a guarantee that my application will be approved?

We take care that each business we collaborate with is approved, we do this by managing the application process on every step of the way. However, the final decision in any case is of WhatsApp.

Is it possible to create buttons on WhatsApp for faster navigation?

Yes, WhatsApp has recently introduced buttons but they are only limited to Template Messages.
You can still create great bots by using alternative WhatsApp bot conversation design workarounds or NLP.

What is an HSM WhatsApp template?

Highly Structured Messages are template messages you can send to users in bulk as your company has to predefine and use them to reach out to users in bulk. They need to be sent to WhatsApp for approval before you can send them to your customers.

Does use the official Whatsapp Business API solution?

Yes! uses WhatsApp’s official API in cooperation with an Official WhatsApp solution provider to integrate your business with the most popular instant messaging app. Under constant improvements, the service is incredibly reliable and generates a frictionless experience for your users as well as your team.

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