Unlimited Order Taking Capacity while lowering your man-power costs

Why take orders using Official WhatsApp API based Chatbot?

Easiest for the customer to place orders
Get access to a new customer segment
Build a huge customer contact list & leverage it
Send WhatsApp message to the user on Cart Abandonment
Nurture Customer Loyalty
Save BIG on aggregator commissions

Why use WhatsApp Chatbots to take orders?

WhatsApp has become an important channel for customer communication in today's world

Unlimited Orders

Increase your sales using technology, focus on the growth of your business rather than daily operations

Save BIG on man-power

Saving on costs means more profit in your pocket!
Technology is available, why not leverage it and grow your business exponentially

Freedom from human errors

Chatbots are as smart as the person who builds them. Once a perfect version is built, you don't need to worry about erroneous orders.

New channel for new customer segment

A large user segement is still untouched by technology but they are using WhatsApp. You get direct access to that segment by your presence over WhatsApp.

Increase Customer Stickiness

The ease of use is very high, once used, customer will want to come back again and again to WhatsApp for placing orders.

First mover advantage

WhatsApp Chatbots are still in the early days. Throw a knockout punch and kill your competition

WhatsApp E-Commerce Features

Broadcast Messages

Broadcast template and session messages to your users and engage with them.

Order Notification

Notify to customers as well as your staff, directly on WhatsApp when a new order is placed.

Shipping Notification

Send alert to the customers when their order is shipped.

Out for delivery Notification

Send alert to the customers when their order is out for delivery.

Cart Abandon Notification

Double your conversion rate by notifying the users that they need to complete their ordering process.

Customer Support

The WhatsApp Chatbot can handle inbound queries and can create a ticket in your Issue Management System as well.

Feedback/Review Collection

Feedback collection is a breeze on WhatsApp due to the highest open rate of the messages.

How it works?

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